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LOCATION | Street Dr. Oliveira Serrão Nº 3, Sernancelhe
CUSTOMER | Manuela Cachinho
PROJECT | Apartment Remodeling
STATE | Built
ARCHITECTURE | Angela Aguiar
PHOTOGRAPHY | Olavo Azevedo
Sernancelhe, Portugal

The 5AF apartment is located on the top floor of a 5-storey building in Sernancelhe in the Viseu district in Portugal.

It was characterized for being a very compartmentalized space, in which the kitchen was limited to a space enclosed and separated from the living room.

The purpose of the intervention was to transform the social area of the apartment into an open and fluid space, allowing direct communication between the kitchen and the living room.

For this, we demolished some walls, false ceilings positioned at different heights, as well as the application of some graphic elements.

The new space has become luminous with this new dimension allowing the inhabitants a better quality and more comfort.