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LOCATION | 82 Avenue des Nations, Paris Nord - Villepinte, France
CUSTOMER | Altea Packaging
ARCHITECTURE | Angela Aguiar
ASSEMBLY | Abstrato Lda
Paris, França

For the development of the Stand Altea project, which was to be part of the privileged International Packaging Exhibition held twice a year in Paris, we have a space of 26m2 formed by a modular vertical metal structure.

The customer the Altea Packaging group, is comprised of different companies established in several parts of the world. The project was developed in order to involve the group as a whole, but at the same time showing the various products of each one of its companies.

With the premise of an easier, faster and more adaptable on-site assembly, 1m wide vinyl coated PVC panels. In one of the two walls built on the existing structure, the group logo was placed in 3 dimensions, evidenced by the placement of associated lighting. The other wall was used for the presentation of the different products of the various companies, printed on vinyl bars, highlighting in each one, through the use of a wooden box and the physical packaging, its reference product.

A reception desk was designed with organizational elements of the group’s communication documentation, as well as an associated module to receive the various product samples.

The colours used were the colours of the company logo, black and green, in conjunction with the white of the furniture and the background of the logo wall.