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In each project, we seek to balance the technique, the economy, the use and the architecture, involving all the necessary areas for the drawing of the Inhabited Space.

mo.a | architects & partners ®


mo.a | architects & partners ®, founded by Angela Aguiar, arises from the desire to create a platform of synergies in the field of architecture and design.

mo.a | architects & partners ® reflects the experience acquired by its founder over the course of her professional career in Portugal, France and Switzerland.

mo.a | architects & partners ® is a network of experienced professionals from complementary areas – Architecture, Design, Engineering, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts and Architecture Photography.

We propose to develop our own projects and to meet the possible needs of other studios and companies. Our services can be requested for all phases of architectural and design, as well as for the support of real estate investment projects.

mo.a | architects & partners ® results from the awareness and perception of two factors:

Mobility as an enabler and facilitator of professional relations, access to new technologies and a vast transport network.

The difficulty of architectural studios and other entities operating in the real estate market is that they face changes in the workload by using only their permanent teams – by providing them with diversified and competent teams for the development of their projects. In addition to its own support for the architecture project, equal support in the design services of communication and image, graphics (3D and graphic presentations), architecture photography.